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16 June 2009

Gen-W Wasteland, it's only Generation W Wasteland

You know how the fourth hour of the Today Show is a veritable Body Worlds Exhibit, except instead of skeletons they have really bad human beings sitting in? Take that thought, add a circle of Hell to it, and what you have is the 10! Show. An add-on talk-show from a middlin' TV station in the Philly market that, though I know of a few decent hard-working people that work there, is prone to reporting someone dead when they're not, thus sending my, er, their grandmother into a tizzy. In their defense they did do a lot of decent stories after I got hit. To their, um, uncredit (which isn't a word, but you get the point), I wasn't dead.
So anyway, they did this whole 4-minute "Hey, dads dress the same all damn year, here are tips on how you can buy them clothes that look less like daddy and more like -- wait for it -- -- you know it's coming -- Arthur Kade! Except they didn't mention him by name, or even refer to anything but what Image Consultant Renee Piani and Pants Boutique Owner John Segal (sorry if it's misspelled, but really I'm only dedicating this much time to it so I can post these photos. No. 2 being Kade's "Joker" look) said.
I can't wait to read his update about how they were fawning all over him when, in fact, it was 45 seconds on screen, and both of the other models -- if I may summon some gay -- were considerably better looking.
The highlight: During another model's turn, Renee encouraged people to tell their padres, reinforcement-wise, that their "shoulders look great."

"The Weekend Daytime Casual Look"
The YouTube version comes with Kadentary. At least until he's off the "stage."


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