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09 June 2009

Find This Dude

Anybody know this dude who acted circles around Kade? Tell him to get in touch with me. I want to interview him about the craft of acting in a scene with inferiority ... and what it's like to be the foot fuckin' master.


Blogger Fatty Snarbuckle said...

The ball-ass young "fashion show" is at a BAR?!?!?!? That is so great. I am attempting to honor the boycott requests in Kade's comments, but it's hard. You should tell bitches to come to your site to comment, but then again, that may just bring the idiots over here to dumb down your shit. Although, this comment today was freaking awesome (not mine, wish it was):

For a while, I vacillated on the question of whether this blog was real or if it was an ingenious and sophisticated satirical experiment.
But here is my conclusion – Arthur is indeed for real. There is unfortunately no satirical intent, no irony, and no lampooning going on here. Certainly not of the intended kind.
Sure, it would have been spectacularly brilliant as a satire, but the “journey” we are all going on is neither a clever meta-commentary on our collective vices (like excessive media consumption), nor is it an inspired ridiculing of society’s prevalent vices and follies. (Namely, the warped mindset that worships frequent club-going and expensive bottle service.)
No, this is sadly the work of a misguided, puerile and legitimately disordered mind; a massive vanity project for an emotional infant who never received the approval he so badly craved as a child.
Folks, there could be nothing more real than Arthur. As much as he strains credulity in his increasingly outlandish posts, he is truly a perfect storm of douchebaggery. Being raised by an excessively vain mother and abandoned by his misogynistic father has crippled him psychologically and resulted in the boastful cretin we all know and love to hate.

6:25 PM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

Oh yeah, F.S. A balls-ass hot-ass bar! I'm totally going and taking cell phone pix to post directly to Facebook and then to the blog when I get home.
I have to admit, I've checked the comments a couple times. I'm just addicted to seeing people autoerotically asphyxiate themselves, I guess. Didn't see this one though. Fucking great!
Arthur really has to have had a hard-time dealing with Papa Abortionist. Then again, he has an iron-clad excuse to do the same thing!
Here's what I think: I've been able to confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that he really was pretty good with the financial shit. Someone who would really know told me that.
So, the arrogance that sometimes comes with success left him thinking, "Dude, you were ball-ass hot-ass good at that so why not act? You'll fucking rule!" OR, "you can make a fuckload more money like Borat did if you trick people." The problem was, he got exposed early by Philadelphia's smarts. That, and he isn't even in the same millenial league as Cohen. The fall back was trying to actually act. And, we all see how that turned out.
I mean, Meth Gay Guy. Are you fucking kidding me???

6:45 PM  

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