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16 June 2009

The Endorsement

It isn't often I write about arts stuff. Unless you consider reality-TV or my reaction to The Boy From Oz arts stuff. Then I take that back. But, I share with all y'all an email I received earlier today supporting what sounds like a good cause. So, support it if you're in a position to do so. Ciao.
Kate Watson-Wallace is by any measure of the definition "good people". When I first met Kate in 2004, she was dedicating large swaths of her time teaching the children of Philadelphia how to bust a move, providing free choreography lessons for any grade schooler who showed interest but couldn't afford dance school - free of charge and always with a warm, nurturing vibe that helped impact the fabric of our great city.
Now's our turn to give a little back.
The economic downturn has assuredly impacted the arts groups that help elevate the status of Philadelphia on the national stage - Kate included. Despite a Pew Fellowship and accolades that have bellowed down from sea-to-sea, it's tough getting together funds these days to launch one's latest creative venture. So this Saturday, Kate and her anonymous bodies collective are throwing a fundraiser to help raise some cash to help in the production of her latest piece, STORE.
But this ain't some quaint, proper affair, my peoples - it's a full blown house party, featuring sets from some of the city's best dj's, a special preview of STORE and free grub provided by the Latest Dish. Other sponsors for the night include Heinekin and Sailor Jerry.
As the City Paper put it a few months back when anointing Kate with a city best for "Most Intriguing Ongoing Dance Idea"
"This one goes to Kate Watson-Wallace, who started choreographing domestic space with Living Room(s) at DanceBoom!, where a sofa provided inspiration. Then she took over the whole House for Live Arts '06. At this year's fest she moved into theCar, and next year she plans on going Shopping. Call me cynical, but it's sounds like she is dancing her way through the American dream. "
Let's all help keep that dream aloft. Spread the word!

The word, spread.


Anonymous The Wook said...

You're spreading, masterful...and if I may add some mayo...

Fidget Space
1714 North Mascher Street
(btwn Front and 2nd, just north of Cecil B. Moore)
Philadelphia, PA

Doors open at 10PM, and for the most worthwhile $10 you'll spend all day, we're pushing speakers into the air, raising the decibels one delicious half-hour at a time as follows:

10PM DJ Mr. Cisum
10:30PM anonymous bodies perform
11PM Martha Graham Cracker Performs
11:30-2 Ian St Laurent and Gregg Foreman DJ--Dance Party!!

1:39 PM  

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