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29 June 2009

The email that led me to Richard M. Sarkisian...

Having just finished reading the letter written by Richard M. Sarkisian regarding the hit and run accident of local journalist Brian Hickey all I can say is WOW. How cold of a heart can a man possess when he blames the victim for a crime like that.
Mr. Hickey did nothing illegal that night. His actions were right in line what many people his age do. Maybe the car hitting Mr. Hickey was just an unavoidable accident on the part of the driver that occurs almost daily in this region. The crime was committed when the driver chose to leave Mr. Hickey to die by the side of the road.
Mr. Sarkasian's assessment of the situation is akin to blaming a rape victim for the way she was dressed or putting herself in a vulnerable situation. Following his train of thought we should be expecting a "sense of guilt" from the victims of the Fairmount Park rapist/killer and not the rapist himself.
Joe Leighthardt

Well, Joe, I don't know about nothing illegal that night. I mean, I probably listened to a song I downloaded for free before the iPod battery died around 5 p.m.


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