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12 June 2009

Ball-ass Hot-ass Barefooted with Paris Hilton Glasses

YES! This is the shot ...

... I was saying I wanted when 20 minutes of my life was taken away from me by watching Arthur "Thththththmacne" Kade sashay on the catwalk at Public House last night. (Were mine the only eyes taking note of what was happening?)
I was told there was a huge line to get in, the tension was palpable, media was everywhere, and people were waiting on pins and needles like an old Mike Tyson fight, and of course I did it up “Kade Style”.

Ok, two things from just that paragraph alone:
1) Yes, there was a line outside, but there was another event going on and that line was longer. And, the line wasn't for you. It was for the booze and the hot model chicks. And
2) The only media there were Jennaphr Scotchguard Frederick and Doug Kammererererer, who were also models. All those cameras? Yeah, um, public relations purposes. Except for my BlackBerry. And, I think we can all admit, even that wasn't on your side.
Good work, yet again, Artthhhttttthhhur. I hope you enjoy your life of this...

(By "this," I mean a life of fisting. Like, getting fisted. But not as in a Tyson fight.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doubling up on my shoulder reps during my 2x a day workouts so my arms and shoulders are pumped for tomorrow's Celebrity fashion show.10:07 AM Jun 10th from web

(b/c doubling up your sholder workout the day b4 helps)

2:28 PM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

That can't be real! Look at the post from today:
Look, I have no problem with deformed/retarded people, there problems just aren't my problems. I'm sure they have dreams too.
about 6 hours ago from web

6:08 PM  

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