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12 May 2009

Yoo Hoo

On April 19, I wrote on this here blog that ...
Sorry, but I will not read the anti-Obama rhetoric of war criminal John Yoo until he's on the gallows.

Seems like a lot of people now feel the same way. From the May 13th NYT...
Harold Jackson, The Inquirer’s editorial page editor, said he was surprised by the sudden delayed anger directed his way over Mr. Yoo. He said the decision to hire a columnist was his, but that “Mr. Yoo was suggested by the publisher,” Brian Tierney.
“There was a conscious effort on our part to counter some of the criticism of The Inquirer as being a knee-jerk liberal publication,” Mr. Jackson said. “We made a conscious effort to add some conservative voices to our mix.”

Well, if the undude didn't try to justify Bush's torturin', I'd agree wholeheartedly. Thing is, he did try to justify Bush's torturin'. And that's unforgiveable.
This ain't going away.


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