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30 May 2009

What I downloaded this week (that you should too)

Myself said to myself: Hey, why not share a song each week that you downloaded, you know, to recommend that people pony up 99 or 129 cents as well?
Myself responded: Yeah, that's a pretty cool idea. But since you're just starting it after, oh, a few years with your iPod, you should start with a few, you know?
To which myself concluded: That's a grand idea.
1. "Insane," Eminem. And I quote, "Don't you know what feltch means? Yeah, well then tell me, would you rather get feltched or do the feltching?"
2. "Heavy Cross," The Gossip. Haven't heard of them? Well, you will soon. A lot. Chick's voice is sick.

3. "1901," Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Just had to see why all the folks were pumping up how a group from the land that inspired Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast could save the music. This one has a futuristic eighties feel, like a reversed "Safety Dance" video if it was, like, from 2016.
4. "Furr," Blitzen Trappen. Fine, I've had this one for a while, but it's on heavy rotation, especially since it's totally made for sitting on a deck in the summertime and chilling, even if you can't drink or smoke for a wee-bit longer. So you, reading this: Drink, smoke, listen to this track and send relaxin' vibes my way.
5. "Lee Majors Come Again," Beastie Boys. Um, note to those in charge of cracking down on pirate tunes: I did not download this song, even though it's already been leaked and it's the first ditty from the Beasties in a while and the Beasties are, like, my boys. Beleedat, Netty's Girl.


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