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29 May 2009

Well that was quick, Inquirer!

When she was leaving for work early this morning, the bride noted that, "you know what, they're throwing the Inquirer right by the front door each morning, under the eave to keep it dry." Now, I hadn't been sure if she was doing that, or they were. But I do know that it started happening shortly after May 3, when I posted, post-Pacquiao fight:
(Note to Inquirer: If you don't want people who like to read your paper to cancel their home delivery, tell your deliverypeople not to leave the papers in puddles, or use bags like the Times does to protect your product.)

Are the two related? Know, I don't. But if it is, um, sorry deliveryperson for getting you jammed up and all, but my appreciated will be amply reflected in the Christmas tip. I was a paperboy, too. Except, I used a bike. And I didn't much care if the Courier-Post customers on Emerald, Virginia and Center avenues got dry product.
Karma, huh?


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