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17 May 2009

Weekend Reading Roundup: A Few of My Favorite Things Edition

I think the journalistic gods collaborated and said:
"Hey, remember that dude Hickey, the one that got smacked by a car?"
"Well don't you think the least we can do is, on one Sunday, package stories that coincide with what he likes, like, a lot?"
"How about we start with the Cubs and Phillies game that ended 23-22 in '79, then get into a little discussion of herb legalization and proceed into controversies both of the journalistic and gay/not-gay political/commie natures?"
"Then, let's back up his belief that El Jefe of the United States is one of the great leaders of our time (despite the naysayers and the rare flip-flops) and close off with a Michael Jackson Guinness World Record."

"Hold up, we can't forget throwing in something serious, like progress towards healthcare for all at the insurance-companies' expense."
"Oh, absolutely right. But you can't forget that you need to give him a preview of next season's Hills replacement for L.C. and a peek inside the tempest that's home to Jon and Kate."
"No, you're brilliant."
"I insist on telling people that you are the brilliant god in the skies."
"Fine, but you're a close second."
"Fair enough."
"Now, let's watch a couple hundred college kids do the Thriller dance."


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