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06 May 2009

Pearlman, on the criticism of Roberts

So, I got pissed off when I read some columnist from Kansas City's criticism of Selena Roberts, the SI writer with a book about A-Roid. (What I posted on my posting friend's Facebook page: "I didn't realize you'd be so vehement in defending [A-Roid], a cheating, bisexual choke artist, Sean.")
Well, my friend Jeff Pearlman took the time to write about, in a non-National Enquirer fashion, what he thought about the "demonization."
... I hate the old Republican strategy of shifting the focus from the subject to the messenger. Yes, Selena’s Duke takes were off. But that does not, in my mind, wipe out the merits of an insanely excellent career. And it doesn’t deny her the benefit of the doubt …

Here here, Jeff.


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