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19 May 2009

My first question...

... for Democratic nominee for the office of District Attorney Seth Williams is a two-parter.
First part: How much time would you dedicate to prosecuting victimless crimes like this one...
Earlier today — with help from the Fire Department, a laser and the Jaws of Life — police finally opened the vault and gazed at the hidden treasure: 243 pounds of marijuana, worth about $1.4 million, according to Narcotics Capt. Debra Frazier.
Now that the riddle of “What’s in the vault?” has been solved, investigators are trying to determine which local drug supplier owned the hefty safe, Frazier said.

Second part: Can you ask the police to explain how, exactly, they can look at themselves in the mirror after publicly stating that a pound of marijuana is Philly-street-valued at $5,761.32?
Best I can tell that's just an outright lie, designed to keep the War on Drugs humming along. A war that, mind you, the drug czar brought to a linguistic end the other day. Just like I said he should have done in the Metro back in March. (Another Dead Zone prediction bears fruit!)
I mean, hypothetically, if an ounce goes for $120, that makes a pound (16 ounces, right?) worth $1,420. Thus, 243 pounds clocks in at $345,060. Which translates into a million-dollar inflation at the hands of Johnny Law. Hell, if an ounce is $240, it still only clocks in at $690,120.
But maybe my math's just totally off at 10:52 p.m. If someone can prove me wrong, have at it.


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