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14 May 2009

My Bloggy Wogg (Vol. VII)

Still here. Intense day. Went to Philadelphia art museum where the potency of my sexual appetite came crashing back into my life," - R. Brand, My Booky Wook, p. 388

Side Note: I quite enjoyed Russell's Twitter updates (he's RustyRockets) after he discovered a bird in his room on Mother's Day.
The sparrow in my bedroom is acting suspicious.I'm tweeting in the nude, he's tweeting in his sexy feather jacket- a Sergio Leone stand off.
2:07 PM May 10th from web
Bird currently motionless. Me nude. Becoming aroused by his cocksure indifference. I think he fancies me. What shall I do?
2:08 PM May 10th from web
@PENLDN I cannot kill him. I's against my principles. AND I'M IN LOVE WITH HIM!!!!!!
2:09 PM May 10th from web in reply to PENLDN
I have released him. He got caught in the bathroom amidst Venetian blinds. His anus pulsed. I radiated love, then to the balcony and FREEDOM
2:22 PM May 10th from web


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