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29 May 2009

In tha House wit ... Prince Zimboo?

I don't read Slate all that often. I don't think that makes me less of a person, either. But, the lead alone on a Slate story caught me eye this morn'. (Ok, it was the tease line when I checked out of Hotmail that read, "Who's this hip-hop Borat?") To wit:
He has 999 wives. He hails from an unnamed region of central Africa ("a thin layer of impenetrable rainforest," he tells interviewers) known only as d'bush. His name is Prince Zimboo Abakunamabooba, and if he sounds fishy to you, he should. Outlandish back stories are common in hip-hop—a genre perched on the fault line between tell-it-like-it-is verité and winking artifice—but Zimboo's mythology is patently unbelievable, 100 percent wink. Is he a loon? A comedian? A walking 419 scam, claiming African royalty as part of some elaborate performance-art hoax?

Loon? Comedian? Ah, read it to find out. All I know is it gave me the first excuse in a coupla years to post this video, so my country can be free.

We must make travel easy, so I tell you what to do.
God, I can't wait till Bruno arrives in theatres.


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