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21 May 2009

From the Anybody Could Have Told You That Files

From today's Inquirer:
Leonard P. Luchko, former State Sen. Vincent J. Fumo's hapless aide and zealous operative in Fumo's efforts to stage a digital coverup, told a judge yesterday that he had finally made up his mind about his old boss.
Fumo, Luchko said, was nothing more than "a common thief."
"Sen. Fumo, a man I idolized for being the champion of the little guy, he'd been lying to me the whole time," Luchko said.

It's great to see people who used to be at His Lowness' demanding beck-and-call are wising up and seeing that Vinnie was a dirtbag all along. I may go watch his perp walk into federal prison. I wonder if the authorities frown on people pelting the prisoners with bottles of high-end hairspray and vacuum bags.


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