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13 May 2009

Drinks, Trains, Waffle House Shootings and Toolmobiles

So, I was walking out of the Phillies game last night. Had a couple O'Douls amber. Gotta say, if you're in a position where you can't drink but really like to, this brand made me forget there was no alcohol therein. Almost as good as Kaliber, FYI. Not that I'm doing anything but counting down the days till I can have a Golden Monkey from my basement fridge. (I think it's 99 days till the Phils/Cubs game. Just so you know.)
But, on the way to the parking lot, I stopped for a bag 'o pretzels and a water. A second later, I was on the ground. Seems I misread the foot-and-a-half high curb! First of all, do we need curbs that high? And second of all, good thing Joe, my PT at Magee, taught me how to properly fall, because instinctively, I was rolling down my side with zero damage but for a tight back. Was embarrassing, sure, but painless. Thanks Joe!
In any event, a few things to point out before I take Charlie Dawg out, crack open a Dr. Pepper Cherry soda (which, by the way, is the best new soda up in herrre) and watch Real Housewives of New Jersey so I can blog about it for the Star Ledger's (I'll post a link once it's up.)

1. My Idol prediction for what America will pick after last night: 1st and 2nd, Danny and Adam. Though, if I may interject, all three were just as good as the other two.

2. The Metro has a piece about the uptick in Philly hit-and-runs today. Four in as many weeks.
Legal experts say Pennsylvania law makes it more enticing for drivers to flee the scene rather than get caught intoxicated.
"The selfish man is going to leave that scene and maybe report it the next day," said Jeffrey Reiff, a local DUI attorney who's practiced law for 30 years. "I can tell you that it’s growing at an epidemic rate."

2a. I received a press release from the DRPA yesterday. It said:
The Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) today presented its recommendations for the extension of southern New Jersey light rail from Camden to Glassboro. DRPA conducted an extensive transit planning study that focused on identifying transportation needs and solutions for southern New Jersey. The agency recommended a multimodal approach to meet the transportation needs of New Jersey’s residents.
At a gathering of business and community leaders today, Governor Jon S. Corzine endorsed the extension of the light rail system from Camden to Glassboro, as recommended by the DRPA.
“Mass transit promotes smart growth by connecting people to jobs and stimulates the economy by attracting business,” said Governor Corzine. “We want to develop better rail and bus choices for the southern New Jersey region to improve the quality of life for its residents.”

Of course I think it's good that the rail structure will be expanded deeper into SJ. It can only help. My only suggestion? How about using some of that $2 billion to retrofit the existing SpeedLine stations with WORKING CAMERAS? You know, so you can help police catch "selfish" drunken drivers who nearly kill people a couple blocks away after leaving your parking lot in, say, Collingswood. Here's the Daily News, via AP, take on the expansion.

3. A friend of mine tells me that the race for Philly D.A. is about to get really, really nasty. Which makes sense. This is Philly, and they are politics. I'll be keeping my eyes open for whether his guarantee bears fruit.

4. The Right Rev. E.B. Webb points me in the direction of a story from our old SC stomping grounds in which, if I have it right, a Waffle House waitress shot a customer in a spat over the food she served. Righteous!
"I thought I was gonna get me an All-Star," says Samuel. A popular meal on the menu. "Grits, sausage, toast, eggs and a waffle," says Samuel.

And finally,

5. Tip 'o the hat to Betsy G. for pointing out A high-school friend, heck, come to think of it, we had homeroom and English classes together all four years -- HTHS! -- she figured I'd get a kick out of She knows my humor well. 'Cause look at these freaks...

And this couple goin' all medieval on our asses...

And these, oh, the hell if I know ...


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