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09 May 2009

Bill Martin, from the armpit of the globe, where he works for Fox 8, is a c**t

You HAVE to check out this scrote who holds down the unemployment-level job of anchoring the Fox affiliate in the Land of Losers, Cleveland (Sorry, Jackie Sock). Watch as he humilates himself, his family, his co-workers and all of humanity by threatening to fight an Atlanta sports columnist for ripping his shitty, I mean, city. All because some button-up writer scribbled ...
“This city, as you’d expect, is pumped. We Atlantans moan over the state of our franchises, but Clevelanders have it way worse. For one thing, they have to live in Cleveland. For another, they haven’t seen a pro title since the Browns beat the Colts 27-0 to win the NFL title in 1964.”

I mean, really, does Nielsen even track viewer numbers in Cleveland, or are they happy if the swamp-people even turn on what they call the "video box"?


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