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12 May 2009

Another day, Another letter

... If I may, I'd like to point out the "fatal flaws" with the letter to the editor in today's Inky by former reporter Dave Lindorff -- whose Mumia article I edited while still at City Paper -- about my column on the death penalty.
1. He didn't answer why society should even bother with paying for law enforcement or, for that matter, government if ...
There will always be incentives for police investigators to manufacture evidence; there will always be incentives for prosecutors to hide exculpatory evidence from the defense; and judges will be prejudiced or will make mistakes.

... or 2. why his pointing out that ...
DNA evidence doesn't play a role in most murder cases

... nullifies my push to have DNA evidence play a role in every murder case.
Instead, he wields a kneejerk-liberal gavel.
Not that there's anything wrong with that. (Especially since I wholeheartedly agreed with his stance that Bush should have been impeached.)
Side note: Kudos to the Inquirer editorial-page team for running my piece, since it goes against the collective stance urging PA to start a moratorium. That in itself shows why we need to fight to keep newspapers alive.
Side note No. 2: Looks like said editorial-page team is facing backlash for running the stylings of John Yoo, about whom I blogged, "Sorry, but I will not read the anti-Obama rhetoric of war criminal John Yoo until he's on the gallows" on April 19.


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