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05 April 2009

Weekend Reading Roundup

Before we go any further, just wanted to share how a New York Times writer sees the whole World Series chase going this year. Hint: It's a rematch of the game I saw yesterday (thanks Sulz!) but the result is flipped.

Um, the Royals? Ah, that's just fine. He's got the Cubbies winning it all!
Which is good, because there ain't much more good news in the papes this fine Sunday. Like:
-- Touching the headstone of a genocidal maniac has taken on the charm of carrying a dead rabbit's foot in your pocket,
-- In what could only be perceived as payback for the epic Sox playoff comeback over the Yanks, the Times might close the Boston Globe if its unions don't concede 20 millions bones,
-- Another 100 million bones that was supposed to go to thee old solar panelling of Pennsy homes is what they called "stalled" in Harrisburg (in which "stalled" probably means "dedicated to hairspray and Orecks")
-- and, an Inquirer piece maintains that the "fine" "men and women" of the Philly Police's Narcotics Field Unit seems to like holding hands and skipping about the neighborhoods tossing bodegas under the guise that they're selling las drogas when in reality, it was just payback. For God knows what. But sadly, most of town is seemingly distracted by a college kid's article focusing on one newbie cop's ignorant language -- I maintain it's not David Duke-esque racism; nor should a college kid's article automatically be given the credence of a professionally fact-checked piece until it's proven to have gone through said process -- while they should be focused on a gaggle of narcs using the failed War on Drugs to live out all their fantasies of being the big, bad bully-wully.

As for the mags, well, they're not much positive-r. Because SI ran a letter from a Kevin Lynch of Ossining (NY) calling Sir Charles a "degenerate." (Hey, isn't Sing-Sing is Ossining? And if so, could Mrs. Lynch be trying to earn some much-needed parole-board brownie points in said pen?) Also, a major faux pas at the NBA Timberwolves' "Reading to Succeed Night."
At least the mag picked both the Phils and Cubs to get into the playoffs. They say the Cubs'll beat the Phils in the NLDS but the Cubs'll lose to WS-pick Mets in the NLCS. And to that, I say they're stupidheads.


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