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10 April 2009

To close Holy Week, a pop-culture round-up

Sammy Stephens is my lord and personal savior. Which is why it was good to see Him pop up, albeit just on a laptop and getting no mention, on the Holy Thursday dual-episode of The Office. Don't know who He is? Shame on you (I'm looking at you, Conor). But allow me to introduce you to the Hon. Guy who Runs a Store That's Just Like a Mini-Mall:

But Sammy wasn't even enough to cheer me up when I saw, albeit on a blog, 10 shows at risk of cancellation though they shouldn't be. For what it's worth, I defend 1, 3, 5 (vehemently), 6 and 7. Couldn't care less about 2 and 8, except that 8 was an inspiration for Eminem's latest video and am non-committal about 4, 9 and 10, because I haven't seen 10 yet.


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