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19 April 2009

Sunday, SUNday, SUNDAY

FA Cup soccer's on now. Phils at 1:30. Flyers at 3. Sixers at 5:30. And, Cubbies at 8. Man, it sho is hard out here for a pimp. If hard means easy to sit on the recliner all day and be entertained by sports while cracking open Gladwell's Outliers. If only I had some weed. What's that? Weed. Oh yeah, that's the sauce that Mark Bowden, column scribe for the Inquirer said oughta be legalized one day before 4/20. Granted, he stopped short of Weedmaning it -- he says he don't smoke no more and rips on the booze and cigarettes, as well. But, he did get the paper of record to print ...
[T]he prohibition of marijuana gives police an undue amount of leverage over average citizens. When something as widespread as pot possession is illegal, police can use it as an excuse to harass whole classes of otherwise law-abiding citizens. It should come as no surprise that the majority of those possession busts were young black and Latino men, even though surveys show that most of the marijuana users in this country are white.

Side note: Bowden also has an excellent piece on the NY Times quagmire in Vanity Fair. I'll provide the link but you should buy the magazine. I mean, if naked pictures of Tom Brady's bride are your thing. He doesn't deserve this...

Now, for some side notes:
-- Sorry, but I will not read the anti-Obama rhetoric of war criminal John Yoo until he's on the gallows.
-- But I will read Bob Ford, who has a stellar piece about the Kalas viewing at the stadium yesterday. (A stellar picture, here.)
-- And, any piece about posthumous sperm donation.
-- And, stories about rich, conservative scum pissing on endangered redwood trees (presumably, while they're not blowing, fisting, creampieing or roleplaying a "Pill-Addled Rush spanks Naughty Male Fan" scenario with one another.)


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