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18 April 2009

The Sinny Awards (Vol. 1)

I think it's probably explained by the fact that The Soloist was the first book I was able to read/comprehend after some scrote ran me over with a car and took off. But I think that those drawn to question Steve Lopez's motive for writing what I consider a fantastic tale of how journalism bleeds out of profession and into personal would be well-served to read David Carr's piece about the film, the L.A. Times columnist, the L.A. homeless guy and the director.
“I was very concerned about the impact that the film would have on Nathaniel,” he said. “But when I met Joe,” he said, referring to Joe Wright, the young English director who was chosen to direct the film, "he seemed as concerned as I was.”
“When he came, I can remember him walking down that sidewalk,” Mr. Lopez said, gesturing out the window. “He looked homeless himself and seemed worried that as someone from Britain, he might not be the one to make the movie. But when I took him to skid row, you could see him imagining the film in his head already. He was not at all what I expected.”

Still questioning Lopez? Well, you get the Bronze Medal in this inaugural Scum of the Earth ceremony. You're bad, misguided and ignorant -- even -- but you ain't as bad as ...

No. 2:
Lookin' muff

St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaDusha, er, LaRussa who clings to self-importance to the point where he'd say, "I don't know how the Cubs get away with making the comments they make about umpires." Well allow me to retort: I don't know how LaRussa gets away with thinking that people care what he does, thinks or says.

No. 1:
Lookin' dapper!

Well, the top spot goes to none other than the Pope. For, not only does he think he'll stop the AIDS from spreading in Africa by pullin' all the rubbers out of continent and pep-talking them into not-putting-out (which seems so remarkably possible!), but the Vatican said He's all pissed about the ridicule that said approach generated.
Listen, I'm wise enough to realize that, because His Holiness mentioned by name seven times in his daily prayers, I'm still alive and walking. Seriously. Holy Dude helped protect Me in My time of need. And for that, I'll be eternally thankful to Him. But the reason for this quote ...
"The Vatican is responding to this protest in a measured and balanced way, but also firmly and clearly," said a Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi. "We are making it clear that the pope and the church won't be intimidated by these criticisms or by media campaigns and will continue to staunchly support Catholic positions on moral issues."

... is because they're risking lives on the swords of their ideology. And, last time I checked, that's a sin worthy of condemnation until the sinner reconsiders their approach.


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