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02 April 2009

Perennial Loser Mets Organization Throw College Kid/Phils' Fan Out of the Stadium of Failure

You gotta hand it to the Mutts: They've reeeeeaaaaally let the Phils championship and utter domination of their organization get to their psyches in a bad, bad way. That's why I named my fantasy-baseball team 1986, and that's why I bring you this link via

... I wore my Phillies jacket to the field.
Upon arriving at the stadium, I was yelled at by a Mets fan to leave. I just smiled. I expected no less and was prepared to hear heckling to some degree. It is every sports fan’s right to jeer people who are invading on his team’s territory.
When I signed in for my press pass, I was asked, “You’re not really going to wear that here, are you?” I just laughed it off. After I reached what was our control room, co-workers advised me not to wear the jacket. I confirmed that I will be wearing the jacket. One individual, who is a co-announcer, said to me, “You’ll never make it with that attitude.” He then suggested that they should take the jacket and burn it.
I told him, “There’s no way this jacket leaves my back.”
To which he replied, “Then, we’ll just burn it with you in it.”
I chose to ignore the comment. ...
I returned my attention to my camera. Moments later, the head of the department rumbled up the platform and stood beside me. I looked to my side.
He said, “You have to take off your jacket.”
I replied, “In no way does it affect the job I am doing. It is a nonissue.”
He responded by saying, “It is an issue with the Mets. You can either put on the jacket or leave.”
“Then, I’m leaving.”

So insecure in their puddle of failure and chokerdom. I f'in love it! (Special thanks to Sean Hare -- a Yankees fan -- for steering me toward this post.)


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