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30 April 2009

My Bloggy Wogg (Vol. VI)

We did a shame confession exercise where people admitted shameful acts from their past -- cue tales of child molestation, public wanking and group sodomy from anxious catamites. This has made my mind feel heavy, and the air is a noxious treacle that clogs and burns my weary lungs. I yearn for some clean, bright expanse -- a Shangri-La in which to sit, away from all this
Obviously, I have developed an intoxicating crush on my female counsellor, Erika. She's twenty-six and has quite big tits (36DD/E). I spend our sessions doing nought but posturing. Starved of female company as I am, she is -- to me -- a glacier of unattainable beauty
Watched Malcolm X -- great story but overlong and indulgent film-making

-- R. Brand, My Booky Wook, p. 392-3


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