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10 April 2009

My Bloggy Wogg Vol. 1

Just after midnight, an email lit up the lil red flashey thingey on my BlackBerry. It signified that I'd received a Facebook email from my friend's wife. Hold up! It's not what you think. She was just alerting me to the fact that that Russell Brand (pictured, from the was about to be on Letterman. So, I hollered downstairs to my wife something like, "Yo! Pause the Sex and the City movie that I'm happy not to be watching and tape Letterman. Russell Brand is on! Russell Brand is on!!!"
With my perpetual (and questionable if not for the brain injury and all) fawning over the Brit comedian, it seems anytime Brand turns up on the telly or radio-y, I get several alerts. And I thank you, wife of best friend, as the TiVo is currently paused so I can watch it after writing on my bloggy wogg. Because not only would I have missed it -- like I did with the NPR show he was on -- but I wouldn't have had an excuse to start my Excerpts from My Booky Wook by Russell Brand blog segment, in which I type a passage from his book without explaination.
Today, it just happens to be the first sentences of the first chapter.
"On the morning of April Fools' Day, 2005, I woke up in a sexual addiction treatment centre in a suburb of Philadelphia. As I limped out of the drab dog's bed in which I was expected to sleep for the next thirty wankless nights, I observed the previous incumbent had left a thread of unravelled dental floss by the pillow -- most likely as a noose for his poor, famished dinkle."

Be sure to come back any day you think I don't have something to blog about, as I'll be dusting off more passages. In many cases, they're racier, too.

Bonus coverage: Sports Illustrated not only commemorated the Tarheels' 5th national basketball championship (on the cover, nonetheless, because they're not from Duke). but had a stellar photo (unscannable) from Opening Night in town and a story on Jamie Moyer, Badass. And, from Rolling Stone, even though I haven't been to a Dave Matthews show since the kids fulla puke emptying it from their gullets took over, the passing of saxster LeRoi Moore was a loss big enough to get me to the record store the day before my birfday and purchase their new album, Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. Good story about Mastodon, too.


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