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12 April 2009

Gay Idols

So, I watched Milk last night. 'Twas very good, not quite great. And I still maintain that Spicoli, even though his performance was the highlight of those times I didn't avert mine eyes from the frequent dudes-kissing scenes, should not have defeated The Ram at Oscar-time.
But, I can live with it now, since I've seen his stellar acting. But what I can't live with is being away from the telly too long as I've paused the Williams-Wright fight (photo from HBO via my TV; and they're most definitely not gay) after the ninth to be with all y'all, albeit momentarily.
First things first: If Adam Lambert isn't gay, I am. And, since I'm most definitely not (I think my Milk-watching approach serves as confirmation to those who questions whether I was a little Freddie Morgan-esque), the Times piece exploring whether America could idolize a gay singer seems a little, well, overkillish.

I mean, HeLLLLLLOOoo, who doesn't say, "not that there's anything wrong with anybody's sexual preference. Except for those who prefer sheep or parakeets. Those dudes are just wrong. And that even goes for guygals who take post pics of themselves kissing dudes and crossdressing. F'real, f'real."?
Thus it seems plausible that a person with more than a toe peeking out of the closet might actually win the most hotly contested singing show on the planet. True, it took six years of public insinuation before Clay Aiken, the popular also-ran from Season 2, made the choice in 2008 to come out. When he did so, however, the anticipated career-stall never happened. The news was greeted with a collective yawn.

Translation: We can accept gay/lesbian/bi artists, but not if they just suck. Performance-wise, like Clay does. Jeez, can't a dude comment on gay matters without it getting taken out of context due to slick word choices?
Yeah, I think the whole gay-straight war is pretty much dust in the wind.


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