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11 April 2009

The Absurdity of It All (My Bloggy Wogg Vol. 2)

Oh, Echo, how very nunny of you

Man oh man, read some incredible shizit on this rainy Saturday. So much so that I can't even go in-depth witcha. Just droppin' knowledge and getting on my way back downstairs to the recliner.
1. Fox is planning a show on people getting laid off. Perhaps they should just put cameras in the office of whomever pitched this show, tentatively titled "Let's, As a Network, Feast on Some Depressed Human's Flesh and Bones."
2. Some newspapers are still holding the line against the ad-sides that had long salivated about whoring their editorial product to the highest bidder. The L.A. Times? Um, yeah, they're not doing so, according to the N.Y. Times.
3. The Vatican sez aethiest ads in London brought people back to fiction, er, I mean going to church, er, I mean fiction, er, I don't know what's what.
4. Remember that coach who beat an opposing team 100-0. Yeah, well, he's not as bad as they made him out to be. No, really.
5. And, a Canadian demon-thrash metal band is the focus of what must be a pretty cool movie. No, seriously.
And with no further ado, the no-context-quote from Russell Brand's book:
I know it's difficult to imagine how a man like me could be thrown out of drama school, what with all the talent that I've got in abundance, and all the goodwill I'd earned with my earlier performances as a drunken, amphetamine-ridden Macbeth staggering out of Duncan's chamber, clutching a terrifying selection of butter-knives (it's all they had in the canteen). But thrown out of Drama Centre I was.


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