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25 March 2009

Why I'm All For Setting Mr. Styles N. Beckles Free

He might (or might not) have gotten unjustly smacked with a two-year sentence, but Mr. Styles N. Beckles did the right thing yesterday. As in, going out of his way to correct the prosecutor's opening-argument allegation about him that was obviously designed to creep into jurors' minds and resurface with a guilty verdict. This report comes from
An alleged drug dealer who accused Correll Buckhalter of being a client has recanted his story, according to the Denver Post. The newly signed Broncos running back was never charged by the police.
Convicted drug dealer Styles Beckles apologized to Correll Buckhalter after a prosecutor mentioned the Broncos running back as a client during Beckles’ trial last week. Beckles was convicted of drug possession with intent to deliver.
“I never sold marijuana to Correll Buckhalter,” Beckles said in a statement issued by his attorney. “The police listened to one conversation I had with Correll and decided it was about marijuana. It’s not the truth. I have never sold, talked about selling or given marijuana or anything else illegal to Correll Buckhalter.”

Set him free! Set him free!


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