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29 March 2009

Weekend Reading Roundup

Today, I realized why it doesn't bother me to shell out so much for my New York Times subscription. And it comes down to one word: Porn. Specifically, the graphic entitled "The Celebrity Twitter Ecosystem," for it listed not only celebrities like Punky Brewster and Darth Vader (who knew?), but also got around to January Seraph (pictured), Sasha Grey and Joanna Angel.
For the uneducated, the Times lists their professions as "pornographic film star." To which I say: "Welcome aboard Brian Hickey's Twitter page, ladies!"
The Times also has an interesting piece which poses the question, "Is Facebook Growing Up Too Fast?" as they approach their 200-millionth user. (Sadly, no pornographees referenced in this one.)
Since I'm rapidly approaching Tarheels-victory-preparation time, I'll go rapid-fire here, again, with some stories from the Inquirer. Read these:
-- Bob Ford's most excellent column about Villanova continuing the Philly Champion's Region trend by moving within two victories of another title (Note to Nova fans: You better root Oklahoma today, 'cause Carolina will tear you to shreds. True dat.)
-- An AP piece about David Simon's latest post-Wire project.
Named after the Creole neighborhood known for its rich musical history, Treme (truh-MAY) is a prospective TV series geared for HBO that aims to capture New Orleans' heritage and traditions as residents struggle to recover from Hurricane Katrina.
But it's not just another Katrina project, Simon is quick to say.
"This is an American story," he said in an interview from outside a jazz club where the hourlong pilot was being filmed Wednesday. "This is about an American city trying to pick itself up and doing it without a great deal of help."

-- An AP brief about a Spanish court that just very well may haul former AG Alberto "Conveniently Forgetful Memory" Gonzales, Inky columnist John Yoo and four others in to face charges for allowing torture. (When local liberal bloggers get a load of that one, I hope they acknowledge the Inky for running the brief, complete with Yoo's name, yo.)
-- And, an editorial by the region's former U.S. Attorney Pat Meehan, breaking down "The lesson of the Fumo verdict." It goes as such ...
We can no longer allow officials to claim they didn't know the rules. Unless laws are properly enforced and clearly understood by state officials and staff at whom they are aimed, nothing will change.

I couldn't have said it freer of profanity and insult myself, which explains why Meehan is probably running for Governor, and I'm dedicated to using Wii Fit to get back into fightin' shape.

Bonus Round (NY Edition):
-- Our neighbor to the north is freeing itself from hellish mandatory minimum sentences for drug cases (Bravo!), all the while suffering from arrow attacks (Bravo?). And, the New Yorker highlights Jesus Ferguson and how "game theory" applies to poker.


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