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22 March 2009

Weekend Reading Roundup

Well, I have a splitting headache (ok, ok, I need to do a little Wii Fit and the new soccer game I picked up this week before sitting in the recliner, pondering next week's column idea and watching basketball all afternoon), so this roundup is going to be of the abbreviated version. But, it includes a scanned picture of a monkey -- on the front page of the Inquirer, no less -- so who's complaining now? That's right, nobody.


In the non-monkey categories, the paper also broke down how the feds castrated Fumo world (thankfully), and ran an AP story about how new Attorney General Eric Holder ...
... said federal agents would now target marijuana distributors only when they violate both federal and state laws - a departure from the policy of the Bush administration.
It's not seen by many as a move by the Obama administration toward the legalization of marijuana.
However, it could end much of the confusion among state and federal authorities dealing with the mishmash of laws in which cultivating, using, and selling marijuana for medical purposes is allowed by states but outlawed by the federal government.

Side note: From his No. 91 perch in Rolling Stone's List of The 100 People Who Are Reinventing America,'s Nate Silver said the legalization of marijuana will come sometime after 2023 -- when I'll be 50. "We'll see some other once-unthinkable things like legalized gay marriage first," he said. Absurd, I said, adding that weed grows from the earth while gay marriage does not. (Translation: We damn well better have legal weed first, or you'll get forkstabbed, Nate Silver.)
In the Times, Kristof delves into public education via the "most unlikely figure in the struggle to reform America's education system," while GQ magazine:
-- Rightfully chastises Andy Samberg, who should "reach higher" than his fall-back "gay-panicked snickering,"
-- Rightfully celebrates Amy "Mrs. G.O.B." Poehler, Domestic Goddess in advance of her new show, "Parks and Recreation," (neither SNL-related link was on GQ's site, or so a cursory search found)
-- Featured, a site that enables couples to go further down the passive-aggressive path by posting the topic of their disputes online and letting total strangers, well, take sides,
-- and, as you may have already heard, blasted Lenny Dykstra, Bidnessman (pictured, center). I'll let an excerpt do the judging:

On another occasion, I field a call from Lenny about potential cover subjects while I’m at home; Lenny’s on speaker when he proudly states, for both my wife and me, that “nobody can call me a racist—I put three darkies and a bitch on my first four covers.”
The first four Players Club covers featured Derek Jeter, Chris Paul, Tiger Woods, and Danica Patrick.
“What was that, Lenny?” I ask.
“I said I put three spearchuckers on the cover!” he replies.

I'll get back to y'all tomorrow with an in-depth breakdown of the Rolling Stone Gossip Girl cover. You know you love it. XOXO.


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