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18 March 2009

Up here, around 24th and As-peeeen, we call this a twinnnny twin twiin

Oh yeah, the Metro -- the place I proudly freelance these days -- goes down Legalize Tha MILFweed Road today. From the quotes file:
"If marijuana were legalized in the city and not elsewhere, it would be highly profitable for growers and distributors,” said Frederic Murphy, a professor at the Temple School of Business. “This creates a real opportunity for very steep taxes that would help balance the city budget."

"I could support making marijuana legal for medical purposes if there was demonstrated public support for such a policy.” -- Pennsylvania state Rep. Mark B. Cohen

I think we all know where I come down on said theory, even though it'll never happen. (For what it's worth, I said we ought to scrap the whole damn War on Drugs a couple weeks back.) Makes me wonder if getting hit by a car qualifies somebody for medical-weed dispensation, though. Also makes me wonder if anybody'll read my non-weed-related column in the same issue today!


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