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15 March 2009

Psst, hey PETA, how about fighting the good fight for once?

Save me, PETA. I'll even go live with Vick. (NYT Photo)

I'll be the first to admit it (since I already did on this here blog): I find PETA's targeting of post-prison Michael Vick utterly shameful. But it took a story in the New York Times today to make me think, "Hey, those pasty vegans are just afraid to go where the real pro-animal action is." No, I don't mean to the set of "Farm Fun II: Doggies Styled." I mean Baghdad.
To wit:
[S]tray dogs are such a menace that municipal workers are hunting them down, slaughtering some 10,000 in Baghdad just since December. ... Here in the capital, a program began late last year in which the national Ministry of Agriculture’s veterinary services teamed up with the municipality, the police and even the army in some of the tougher neighborhoods to tackle the problem. Mostly the dogs are killed with rotten raw meat laced with strychnine, a poison used in pesticides and against rodents.
In some cases, particularly around the city’s sprawling garbage dumps, the dogs are instead shot. By the time this campaign is over this month, perhaps 20,000 dogs will have been exterminated, said Shaker Fraiyeh of the ministry’s veterinary services company.
“Our work may be against animal rights, but there is a more important issue, public health,” said Dr. Fraiyeh, a veterinarian in his 30s.

You send a PETA team over there to save dogs FROM STRYCHNINE BURGERS and I'll throw some coin your way, yo.

(Other news of the day: the Brits are coming dangerously close to igniting an Irish revolution, Robin Hood may have been exposed as a medieval Dee-Bo and it just got even harder to crank call someone. Sad.)


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