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27 March 2009

The Great Kade Fast of 2009

An Arthur Kade post, entitled "Love Taxi" included this next-level Kade-servation ...
The only concern that I have is that I have been very passive in trying to date women over the last few months, and may be a bit rusty, so I may practice tonight on girls who are 6’s and 7’s and not in my league to get back “into the groove”. I hate setting up false expectations for girls I will never call again, but I want to make sure I give myself a solid chance at success with this opportunity. I am not a big reality show person, but it could be a great opportunity to continue to get on-camera experience and exposure.

Thus, it prompted (at the moment) 67 comments like this ...
this guy is obviously bating all of us. This guy is a harmless queen. I mean, there’s a direct correlation between the douchier posts and the number of comments. I know it’s hard, but please do what you can to refrain yourselves!!!

And this ...
I think we should consider (just consider it!) ignoring Art the Fart for a 5 day period. We could still come and watch the masturbating in public monkey, but we shouldn’t comment or feed it. Maybe Matt could have us over to his place and we could hold all discussions there? Just to see what would happen, it may be something we want to consider.
We need to prove that people aren’t coming to watch Retarthur, they are coming to read the comments.

And this ...
Its clear that this guy needs a good assfucking from a HIV positive gay man.
Please do not write on his broad anymore. Do not visit his site. Arthur needs all of us to suceed. Understand that the more people visit this site, and write on his board, the more popular he gets no matter what anyone person says. Also potential for $ from advertising.
If you want Arthur Kade to die………….say goodbye to his site.

Clearly, the Kade backlash has begun full-force, yo. And I'm agreein' with it, so I shall honor the five-day Period of Kade Avoidance.
Will you?
Or is Kade such a delusional fuckbag that you can't avert your eyes? Well, he may have that down pat. Arthur Kade: Out.


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