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17 March 2009

Kade embraces his inner Glass Joe

I don't know whether checking in on Arthur Kade's Web site ( is good or bad for me. But each time I do, I cry myself to near-stroke status. Mostly, it's the videos Kade posts.

But I'd venture to say that the comments are really what beckons the tears of joy. Like this one:

# Matt Beauchamp on 17 Mar 2009 at 1:55 pm
OK - you look like a fucking cat batting a mouse around when you tap the bag like that. A cat with a big nose.

More news for you, dipshit, I just called Joltin’ Jabs (215-482-4802) and asked for Joey to find out if you were for real with this shit (yes, I really have my hands full this morning)

Me: Hi, can I speak to Joey please

JJ: One moment please…

Joey: This is Joey

Me: Hi Joey, I just saw your video on YouTube where you are supposedly teaching a guy named Arthur Kade how to box. He’s kind of a gay dude with a big nose and thinks he’s an actor…

I didn’t even get through my sentence when Joey just starts laughing really hard. I mean REALLY hard. Then I hear him yelling to somebody in the background about “that Kade guy”

Joey: You cannot even ask me about that guy…seriously…he is the weirdest fucker I know. I don’t know what’s up with him.

Me: so he’s for real? That wasn’t all an act?

Joey: OH, he is for real. I mean, he’s a real person and he really brought a camcorder in to tape our…um…workout? [more laughing]. As for if he is REAL I don’t know. He is just so bizarre it’s like Borat or something but he does come in here with some Asian chick. He seems real but just kind of out of it like he doesn’t know what’s going on around him.

Me: would you say he boxes like a woman?

Joey: awwww man…I can’t say anything about that

Me: why? Because he pays you and you don’t want to fuck that up?

Joey: You figure it out man! You saw the tape, right.

Kade is a f'in American hero. I hope he gets his own network so I can TiVo it for 24-hours-at-a-time.
This is the way he does it in the Northeast. Where he's from.


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