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21 March 2009

Heroes of the Week (Weed edition)

It's with great sorrow that I bring you news about the Hero of the Week runner-up. Yes, it seems that Mr. Styles N. Beckles (pictured, via the Inquirer) suffered the indignity of a guilty verdict in the marijuana-dealing case brought against him. You may recall that earlier in the week, when it was alleged that Mr. Styles N. Beckles sold to Correll Buckhalter -- he denied it - I took the stance that to not buy weed from a person with such a name was un-American. I would wear a flag pin on my lapel to declare it publicly (if I wore anything with a lapel.) Alas, Styles is now facing two-years in the clink since, The Law claims, the drug ring was, you know, violent n'shit.
Fare thee well, Styles N. Beckles. I'll be pulling for ya. Especially because if the Hero of the Week (1st Place) has his way. I'll let the Metro take it from here (the Inky followed it up today, as well):
State Rep. Mark Cohen said Wednesday that he will introduce a bill as soon as next month to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. ... "It's easier when you have public support to get legislation through," said Cohen, who gave the bill a 50-50 shot of passing in the next few years. "I think it's something that has a good chance of being taken seriously in the Legislature."

In Mr. Beckles' name, I hope we can all just get along behind this bill and get it pushed past the Krazy Mid-State Khristians and squirrel hunters.


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