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26 March 2009

Good editorial in the Inky

Coming on the heels of my column that blasted those opposed to health-care reform (just check the comments out), the Inquirer nobly ran yet another one that makes the case that things have gotta change with the quickness. Headlined "Reform is nothing to fear: Don't let scare tactics derail another attempt to fix American health care," senior fellow at Penn's Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics David Grande wrote:
When you hear charges that the administration's approach will lead to "socialized medicine" or put the government "between the doctor and the patient," call it what it is: self-interested fear-mongering.
My fellow doctors know that American health care is broken. Frankly, everyone knows it's broken. And competition and choice, including an affordable public insurance option, will go a long way toward fixing it. We can't let "nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror" get in our way.
We should not fear fixing health care. We should fear what lies ahead if we don't.

Bravo. (Even though the kneejerk conservatives who've decimated this nation won't think so. Oops, I mean the literate ones.)


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