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21 March 2009

Elway chimes in on Cutler rift

You know, I've been avoiding writing about the Denver Broncos since Dawkins signed there. Didn't want to give the impression that I hate the Birds now, 'cause I don't. It's just that I'd have said, "B Dawk is now closer to winning a Super Bowl," and that wouldn't have been very nice at all. Now, I'm not so sure, because it seems like the Broncos' new coach and franchise QB are both auditioning for the crossdressing lead in Tootsie.
Brief update for non-NFL-heads: New coach/former Belichek bitchboy Josh McDaniels tried to trade Cutler so he could have the comfortable blankey of New England backup Matt Cassel. Cutler flipped out and now says he doesn't trust the coach or, it seems, the owner. He demanded a trade, and will probably get it.
Who knows, maybe he'll be a Bird. I mean, they do have two first round picks and, depending on who you believe, No. 5 could secretly yearn to have a better chance to win the Bowl, too.
But, what I found interesting enough to post about the debacle was the fact that The Greatest QB of All-Time chimed in on Friday, calling the whole situation "sad and unfortunate."
"I'm sad for the Broncos because I think that Jay is a great player and he obviously has a lot of potential and this is a great place for a player like him to play. Hopefully, they can get the rift fixed because I don't think that there's any rift that's too solid," Elway said.

I'll tell you what isn't sad, though: My receiving a letter wishing me a speedy recovery from The Greatest QB of All-Time last week. Felt like I was a 10-year-old all over again when I read:
"As someone who has recovered from injuries during the course of my career, I understand the hard work that you are doing to help the recovery process. Believe me, it is worth it and I encourage you to keep it up."

Now, if John'd only stuck around to win three -- count em, THREE -- Super Bowls in a row!


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