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20 March 2009

But who is the President's fave character? My money's on Bass. Because Bass is The Way and The Light

Courtesy of Facebook friend Tara, I found out this morn' that Pres. Obama is acutely aware of the best-friggin'-show on television, Gossip Girl. (Her news came several days after Facebook friend Sharon let me know that she'd just walked by the whole damn cast, which was filming the graduation scenes in her home neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights. People sense that I wholly appreciate the show, and all it stands for, and it's much appreciated.)
Wrote Tara, she "thinks that Obama is even cooler now thet she knows he watches Gossip Girl." So should we all, even those in a rabies-resemblin' lather now that President Gossip Girl ended the Wars on Science and American People. His GG reference makes me even prouder that I voted for him and lobbied people to do the same. (The full account appears on an LA Times blog, located here.)
Because even though Sarah's a GILF now, she'd have condemned Chuck Bass' actions without knowing that He is who most men wish they were, at least when they were a senior in high school. (But getting knocked up and dumped all by the ripe old age of 18? Sorry, there's not a Bristol character, even though there should be, since Bristol seems more intellectually intuitive than her presidential-wannabe mammy. Come to think of it, Bristol is better looking than her mammy, too. Not that I'm one to judge, of course.)


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