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30 March 2009

BREAKING: P.O'B. Returns?

Though it started an hour ago, I've paused The Insider to bring you news of what can only be described as an omen that Pat O'Brien shall emerge from his rehabiliatory cave and reclaim His leading role as the noblest gossiper of all thee gossipers on pre-prime-time television programmes. Don't believe me? Well, how does this ...

... get on the air with the voice over of ...

From the stock market to the strip club. "I am desperate and broke, but not ashamed." The 28-year-old beauty is pole dancing to earn her former Wall Street salary.

... if but not for His eminence of hookers and coke, Msgr. P.O'B., Himself. All praise be until Him. (And, if you know where the 28-year-old trenchcoat-sportin' beauty is exhibiting her skills, by all means share; I'd like to catch up with her benefactor prior to the Cubs/Yankees game this Friday.)


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