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21 February 2009

We hardly knew ye, Riff Raff.

Yo yo yo. From G's To Gents is back! And I already found my replacement for Pretty Ricky. That's right, it's Riff Raff, yo.

And though I couldn't find The Soup clip online, Riff Raff was representin' (while in mid-lip-balm-application) about how tha bitches was lovin' his style while up on tha catwalk. This season's gonna be tha finest, yo, cause you gots to be in tha billions to f wit Riff Raff.
But just like he did with Pretty Ricky last season -- unjustly, by the way -- Fonzworth already did Riff Raff in.
At least we'll always have Stains the Krazy-Eyed Cupcake-Jonesin' Dog. Here's His official blog.


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