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14 February 2009

Those was the days

One of the first things I thought when I awoke from the coma was, "Did the Phillies repeat?" As in, back-to-back World Series titles. I swear, I believed it too. So, put your money on 'em in Vegas, because that's precisely what's going to happen -- should the Cubbies not pull one off in Year 101 A.C. -- since the whole damn team seems to be on par with my 25-pound weight loss. And while I normally don't get amped for Spring Training, an Inquirer story yesterday had me reliving what could be the finest championship play this side of the Broad Street Bullies bullying their way to back-to-back cups.
That's right: Utley's fake throw that pretty much sealed the deal.

Utley judged that with Iwamura's quickness and his position on the field, he almost certainly couldn't get enough on a throw to force him at first. In an instant, he decided to try to fake the runner.
"Those are plays you don't work on," he said. "You're aware of the situation and you don't want the run to score. You'd rather allow another baserunner than a run. I faked and looked at home. He was running hard and he was right at third base when I looked at him. I knew I had plenty of time to make a throw."


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