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18 February 2009

Selfish Political Bastards

It might be a bit too strong to compare both Gov. Ed Rendell and disgraced former State Sen./Thief Vinnie Fumo to the Khmer Rouge. But on second thought, it isn't. Because, on a day that a genocide trial for the K.R. started in Cambodia, both proved that they're capable of scumbag behavior.

In a tender moment, Vinnie (pictured) prays to his demon gods that the price of skulls will soon decrease

Let's start with Rendell, whom I used to like. Even voted for him despite the fact that he was all rah-rah for Hillary. But when I read an editorial that he (supposedly) wrote that the Delaware Valley Port Authority should piss away money on non-transit-related "economic development," I just had to ask myself, and I hate to keep harping on it but I must, "Hey Brian, why's your head all lopsided? Oh, that's right. Because you got mowed down in a hit-and-run while walking to a PATCO train that goes over a DRPA bridge. But that's not the best part: It's still unsolved because -- wait for it! -- the DRPA doesn't have working cameras in the Collingswood station or in their parking lot. Ain't that groovy?! One more drunk driver served by the DRPA!"

And why, you ask, didn't Rendell mention that PATCO customers are not sufficiently protected? Well, I'd have to say the fact that the Authority gave $620,412 to -- again, wait for it! -- Rendell's old Center City lawfirm. Cute, ain't it? That's right, as cute as a stack of genocide-victim skulls.
As for Fumo, well, hell, he's just a scumbag by any definition of the term. But taking the cake -- or any pastry (or P.I.) that you can purchase with other people's money -- was his revelation from the stand yesterday. I'll let Vinnie the Creep and the Daily News take it from here:

Former State Sen. Vince Fumo tried to suggest to the jury yesterday at his federal corruption trial that his concerns about federal surveillance and the FBI in 2004 were not because the government was investigating him but because he was a political "target" of a Bush White House desperate to win Pennsylvania in the 2004 election.
Fumo testified that he was the "most prominent Democrat in Pennsylvania" and was a prolific fundraiser.
"We're talking about Karl Rove here, we're talking about Alberto Gonzales, who asked about me at the White House, specifically me," Fumo said. "I had my concerns."

Well, I had my concerns too, not the least of which would be my tax dollars funding hairspray that, let's face it, didn't really improve your appearance all that much, Vinnie. Then again, what could, right? Oh, that's right: Stealing enough money for Botox "therapy."
Sad thing is I'm not sure I dislike Fumo more than Rendell anymore. F'in bastards.


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