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25 February 2009

Recycle This

So, for years and years and years, the wise among us have been chirping that Philadelphia recycling is the pits. The bottom of a barrel that never gets emptied, so to speak. Well, I picked up the March issue of Mens Health (because, like, health matters a little more to this man these days) and on p. 76 sits a story entitled "Where Recycling Rules."
And wouldn't you know that sandwiched right between Charleston, WV and Milwaukee, WI at No. 12 in the whole land is: Philadelphia, Pa. which garnered an A- ranking?

(As an aside, big ups to Fresno and Fremont, Cal. and San Antonio, Tx. for being the top three and big downs to Colorado Springs, Vegas (!), and Wichita, Ks. for being 98, 99 and 100.
I must say, though, the formula for deciding the top, oh, dozen or so cities is a little suspect. Because, quite frankly, Philly just started citywide single-stream pick-up, like, within the past eight months.
But if Mayor Nutter's going to have to charge Philadelphians to get their trash and recycling picked up, at least he can say, "Yo, Curby Bucket is Pimp with a capital P. Do you really want Pimp to come smack the money out of you? Didn't think so. Word."
(Pictured: Curby's moneymakers)


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