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28 February 2009

A Multimedia Extravaganza!

I'll start by saying what I said this afternoon on Facebook: Brian Hickey is now taking applications for room aboard the Broncos bandwagon. For their heartless D that cost them a playoff bid two years running now has an aorta which will snatch them their a third Super Bowl ring. So, 200 words or less on why YOU should be a part of the Blue-and-Orange machine and, who knows, maybe I'll let you lay eyes on my Elway jersey!
For starters, I just want to shout out my second favorite "new" comedy on the flat-screen. I don't know if you can find it without DirecTV since it's on, well, the DirecTV 101 channel, but Trailer Park Boys is the absolute tits.

I don't know, it could be just as good as Eastbound & Down. I mean, they both have white trash and weed and a lotta foul language pouring out of Ricky and, to a lesser extent, Julian's in-and-out-of-prison mouths. But TPB has a dude named Bubbles who steals shopping carts from one mall and sells them back to another. Like I said, the absolute tits. Check this scene with Sebastian Bach. Yes, I said Sebastian Bach.

Extravaganza II (Book Edition): Just started reading Steve Lopez's book The Soloist. Will update all y'all on how good it is. But if you know Lopez, you already know the answer to that. (Here's a link to the movie trailor. In it, Robert Downey Jr.'s back to being white-skinned.)

Extravaganza III (Documentary Edition): "Robert Blecker Wants to Kill Me" is about a like-minded dude who thinks that murderers should be executed. The people behind the documentary disagree. But, they don't interject, just letting the story of Blecker searching his soul while getting to know a death-row inmate unfold. THIS is the way to go about debating, not like the pansies who sing Kumbaya and hold Hacky-Sackin' drum circles to make their "point" that executions are as immoral as the savage murders that prompt them.

And, finalamente, Extravaganza IV (Letters Edition): As in, this letter to the Inquirer on Saturday (because, even though I supported, both then and now, Mayor Nutter's idea we can't go on with indefensible suspicious minds dictating who gets stopped and who doesn't) ...

Stop and frisk
The stop-and-frisk policy in Philadelphia is becoming a nuisance in the African American community. This law, which is supposed to make our streets safe, is actually corrupting our neighborhoods.
My friends and I were stopped and frisked by police officers, without warning, while on our way to a basketball game. After the policeman searched us, I asked the officer what was his reason to search us without probable cause.
He replied, "You look suspicious."
How do you determine if someone looks suspicious? This law, which is supposed to keep our streets safe, seems to be just a reason for the police to harass teens. And, judging by statistics and experience, the target seems to be young black males.
This policy should be repealed because it deprives people of their civil rights, and it is degrading to the people of Philadelphia.

Kareem Gilmore

Like with the death penalty, I say, don't get rid of it, but fix the hitches.


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