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24 February 2009

Kill Em All

I'm going to hold off on the joke that starts, "Since they were capitally punished when their owners filed for bankruptcy..." because it's not funny or acceptable for anyone to revel in an important industry's troubled outlook. But the Inquirer pissed me off today. Again. And I'm'a gonna tell you why:
Because those commie criminal-loving sons-of-guns got back on the quarter-operated toy horse outside the supermarket and urged Gov. Rendell -- who I currently loathe because of the whole DRPA/PATCO thing -- to get "inspired to put Pennsylvania in the good company of his more progressive neighbors." Granted, thinking like that is what cost "The Ram" the Oscar on Sunday.
But I also find it, well, peculiar and ironic that the paper practically celebrated Commissioner Charles Ramsey after he said, in the wake of the Pawlowski assassination, that the suspect, "wasn't hit enough. That's the only thing that matters. I don't care." I say "practically celebrated" because Ramsey's words were forceful. He came correct. Because people who kill cops deserve to get executed. In fact, all murderers deserve execution. And no whiney editorial headlined, "The Death Penalty: Principles first" can logically convince me otherwise. I said it before, and I'll say it again: If you want to fix the system, fix it. But if you eliminate it altogether like Jersey is trying to, you'll have blood dripping from, and staining, your hands.
And, Inky, you're starting to sound a little bitchboy-ey about the whole mess. What? Y'all weren't complaining about Heidnik not deserving to die after his headlines made the papers sell like hotcakes, were yas?

Bonus trivia question
Who's greedier?
A) The newspaper CEO who gave himself a raise while forcing the peons to forego their $25 bonus or
B) a gluttonous disgraced state senator (who looks eerily like a fading Squirrel King that's past its prime) who testified, in a trial about his (alleged) crimes, "that one of his ex-girlfriends had a drinking problem, that an aide was a gambling addict, that another had "emotional problems," and that one of his own daughters was troubled?
(I'd say B, but I'm sure people at 400 N. Broad would disagree.)

Bonus fun fact
As I wrote for the Keystone Edge website a few months back, the path could be cleared for six-pack sales statewide if Wegman's wins a case in Commonwealth Court. Which, according to the don't-harm-a-killer Inquirer, it did on Monday.


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