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24 February 2009

If this passes, you can find me selling grilled-cheese sandwiches in a shack somewhere along the mighty Cooper River

So, does an injured brain courtesy of a hit-and-run dirtbag qualify said victim as "chronically ill" in the eyes of N.J. state senators? Because I got room for six plants, right here, in my home office. But my home office is in Philly. So, maybe it's time to move on back to the "progressive" Garden State. Holla, Jers.

"If medical marijuana can ease some of the suffering of a patient who's dying from a chronic, severe or terminal disease, state government should not stand in the way of that relief," [Sen. Nicholas] Scutari said after the vote.
The 22-16 Senate vote marked the first time the bill had advanced in the Legislature. It now goes to the New Jersey Assembly, where its fate is uncertain.
If the proposal becomes law, New Jersey would become the 14th state to allow medical marijuana.

Paging Dr. Green. Dr. Green, please call the grilled-cheese shed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God.

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