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19 February 2009

A great sports story

Well, I guess the residual effect of getting hit by a car is that you get choked up at heartfelt stories on TV. Case in point: I just watched Real Sports on HBO. DVR'd it, actually, because there was a story about a peculiarly buxom Tonya Harding. And, let's be honest, you combine those visuals with a penchant for taking the competition via knee damage and I'm watching. Even at 1 in the afternoon.
But a strange thing happened with the third story in the show: I quickly forgot about the Bundy of Figure Skating. Getting told what challenges Kyle Lograsso has faced in his six years on earth put life into perspective. I mean, dude can drive a golf ball 172 yards. This, after he was given three months to live at Wills Eye Hospital in Center City if he didn't have surgery to remove a tumor from his sights. Updating a segment they'd done two years ago, the Lograssos moved cross-country; the piece ends with Kyle's dad coming home from Iraq -- he's a Marine -- and taking him to a setting that he loves: the golf course.
Just watch the show and decide whether you agree that the kid might challenge a retirement-age-approaching Tiger Woods for titles in a dozen or so years.


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