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24 February 2009

Enemy Mine (updated Wednesday morning)

So, I just headed down to the Philadelphia Parking Authority to protest three tickets that I shouldn't have received, but did. I'll blog all about it tomorrow since I'm furious and dedicated to putting the "woman" who heard my case on the unemployment line. And I will. Make no mistake about it.
But I'll just give you a little tease as to why she wouldn't accept an argument from a guy in a helmet awaiting his second brain surgery. And I paraphrase:
"No sir, you don't need to be parked in a two-hour zone for two hours to get the ticket."
Priceless. F'in priceless to the point that a rent-a-guard had to come in and tell me to lower my voice which, mind you, can't get half as loud as it could before the hit-and-run which I'm starting to think a PPA Hearing Officer was behind the wheel for.

UPDATE! Whoops, the hearing officer wasn't a PPA employee so I apologize and move my ire toward the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication. The deputy head of that department, though, responded to my emailed complaint and offered me a second hearing in front of a different officer. So, I've calmed down a bit, which is good since my lone med left regulates my blood pressure that was through the roof after the car hit me.


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