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17 February 2009

Best New Show on TV

Kenny Powers is a god among the men of Shelby, NC. I learned this by watching the half-hour premiere of Eastbound & Down on HBO Sunday night and learning that, "Sometimes when you bring the thunder, you get lost in the storm."

You can keep the pansy-ass Conchords; Danny McBride has been the tits since The Foot Fist Way, through Tropical Thunder and as a dealer in Pineapple Express. To think that America will be treated to a weekend McBride nightcap in which he's a foul-mouthed Rocker-esque whoremonger teaching gym in middle school, well hell, it makes me wish Haddon Township had made such a hire to set we junior-high kids proper. I mean, he breaks up a teachers' lunch by saying that he saw a group of sixth-grade boys engaged in a gang rape. Seriously. Dude's got hisshit to-ge-tha.
I think you're gonna like how this ends, hotshot. Because I just found a show to talk about each Monday. I mean, at least until I can get out of the house with regularity. (Then, it might be Tuesday. Like it was this week, yo.)


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