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27 February 2009

Be sure to have your pets Kade and Neutered

On the day when I found out The Class War is Nigh!, I also managed to -- via Philebrity -- hear about the greatest f'in website this side of Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers. You won't believe this, but I'm at a loss for words. So I'll just let Philadelphia's Arthur Kade, he of, take it from here. Make no mistake about it: I will be reading Arthur Kade regularly. And not only because he links to TMZ on his site.

From the post, Fear, Uncertainty and 1Oak:

... I on the other hand ended up meeting up with a model that I had met in Philadelphia 5 years ago at The Walnut Room in Rittenhouse Square. She is gorgeous, and totally my type, and when I met her at The Walnut Room after breaking up with The EX, I asked for her number and she kept blowing me off for at least 3 months so we never ended up going out. I recently reconnected with her, and we decided to meet up in NYC on Saturday night, but in the back of my mind, I doubted that she would show, and blow me off again. I told Radio Babe that life is karma, and that after how she had played me years ago, it was my turn to return the favor, so I would totally ignore her, and play hard to get. This would in turn make her want me more, and lead to something fun….
Well, she did show, hung out, and I thought that she was all about me, but then somewhere throughout the night, I realized that she had left my company, and started talking to another guy, and by the end of the night leaving with him. My strategy couldn’t have backfired any worse, and now I am probably somewhere in the “Friend Zone” with her. Note to self: do not try and exact emotional revenge on women who are gorgeous and you want to hang out and potentially sleep with.
We ended up leaving 1oak jumping in a cab, and heading back to my friend’s house, where from what I was told, I asked for a barrage of hair massages, and a back rub. We woke up the next morning, and went to Pastis in the meat packing district for brunch, and then heading home to lick our drunken wounds. Overall it was a great weekend that truly symbolized the ups and downs that will be experienced during this adventure over the next three years.

I may stop blogging because I can not match a witty gent who "asked for a barrage of hair massages." I don't even know what a hair massage is. BECAUSE MY HAIR DOESN'T GET STRESSED OUT EVEN WHEN I'M HANGIN' AT 1OAK!
Oh, this comment's pretty hot, too:

How is it not clear to you that you sound like a complete ass? Dont you remember “Look at my striped shirt”?? It was FUCKING JOKE Arthur Kade. It wasnt meant to be serious. It was making fun of people like you who didnt say these things out loud but definitely thought them. It was a narrative from within the representative douche bag’s head for all of us to laugh at what these guys probably thought. And guess what? You actually went and wrote out those things down - elaborated on them further than the original author ever intended - and were SERIOUS!!! You unprecedentedly ignorant asshole! Man oh man - does it get any better than that??

Like I said, I got nothing, absolutely nothing, to add. But be sure to check out the list of "places" that Kade "chills."


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