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14 February 2009

Another cop killer who should get lethally injected

I dumped another Facebook "friend" last night, all because this guy -- whom I didn't personally know -- questioned why Philadelphians so deeply mourned the police officers who get killed in the line of duty. He wrote something like, "They don't consider young black men shooting one another all-that tragic."
Well, first, let me say that yes, we certainly do, for any death in Philly is a loss for all of us. (Why else do you think we were crying holy-hell when they murder rate went sky-high?)
But, as with the tragic loss of 25-year-old Officer John Pawlowski last night at Broad and Olney (which is just too close to where one of my Magee nurses lives), we publicly mourn for the hideous death of someone who was out on the streets serving and protecting the citizens, not their drug corners. And shame on that former friend for questioning our reaction to the sixth officer getting killed in the past year and a half.
In fact, I hope the death-penalty opponents wise up and realize that the only true punishment for such a crime is execution. Pure and simple; it was good enough for Heidnik, it's good enough for cop killers.

(Photo by AP)


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